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Disk Array Upgrade To N+2

disk array console

Just a few hours ago we turned the server rack handle to CLOSE position completing the upgrade of one of IT Center Cloud disk arrays.

Now the discs that have spent their time resource are replaced by new ones with a larger capacity. In addition we increased the fault tolerance of the entire system by increasing RAID fault tolerance of the array with N+2 redundancy (in the case of failure we'll use two spare disks and two disks for the replacement).

RAID theory picture

RAID means Redundant Array of Independent Disks, i.e. backup array of independent disks. The term was proposed in 1987 by a group of scientists in the field of computer science at the University of Berkeley.

RAID is a data virtualization technology in which several disks are combined into one logical element to improve performance and redundancy.

disk array in

Now, the simultaneous failure of two physical disks will not affect the cloud in any way: disk array controllers will restore the lost data to two spare disks in the background for several hours — and our customers will not even notice it. After this procedure, the engineers of IT Center will replace the failed disks in a Hot Swap mode, i.e. when the system is running. After this IT Center Cloud will continue to work in a usual mode.


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