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Pricing Policy

«He liked the kind of business where you could actually speak to the man whose name was over the door; it meant it probably wasn't run by crooks. And he liked the big, solid, unflappable workmen, recognizing in them all the things he knew he lacked, like steadfastness, solidarity and honesty. You couldn't lie to a lathe or fool a hammer.»

Terry Pratchett, Going Postal

Vendors and Tier III

Our services use the hardwares by vendors well known to the IT world: HP, CheckPoint, etc. It is necessary for the flawless operation of our clients. So this hardware price is reasonable necessity.

Our hardwares are located in  Moscow Data Center with  Tier III Certificate. The rent cost is reasonableness too. At the same time we check this market situation at intervals.


«This is *** Company, press 2736423, for…».
There is no IVR systems, call-center and employees for its in our company. Call us — and at the same time you begin to speak with our IT engineer. He or she will help you in the next breath or create the ticket in our IT REPARO! helpdesk system (yes, we are Harry Potter's universe fans!).

It's very simple and quickly for you.

Office in bedroom community

There is everything for the comfortable work in our office. It is located not far from the large transport junction of Moscow so it's ideal for our employees and visitors. It has great and free parking the convenient is. Ample workrooms were fit the modern office equipment and has fast internet connection.

At the same time our office is located at one of  the Moscow bedroom community. It's very good for the client's invoices and our rent payments.

What about coffee lady?

There are no amanuensis, clerks, scribes and coffee ladies in our office. Of course they adorn the everyday life but don't adorn the client's invoices.
Yes we make coffee by ourself and it's good!

About marketing and meeting rooms

Marketing Specialist is not the main person in IT Center: look at our blog in telegraph style without storytelling and others modern schticks. We have no own meeting rooms: we rent it in our business center by perforce.

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