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Let's meet IT Center's customer hotel and office complex «Wesendorf». «Wesendorf» sets us some IT tasks and the most crucial issue is «we need a efficient and effective Internet connection».


We are eight years old today! That's why we'd like to use this opportunity and to say hello everyone who keeps in touch with IT Center.


There are three endless things there. The water flow, the flame and how the tape backup library works. So we couldn't deny ourself pleasures and created this short video about this fascinating process.

How Does It Work?


Our help desk IT REPARO software is in rapid evolution so it's very difficult to fix a change in IT REPARO User's Guide. Christmas holiday is a good time to publish the new version of it without worries about its applicability.

it center calendar 2017

May this Christmas be bright and cheerful and may the New Year begin on a prosperous note!

The surprise is inside.

it center picture writing hand

We do not speak about domain parking and DNS hosting in this article at all. Very simple and very clear about web developing from the leader of IT Center web developing team.

AKADO Telecom enter

The main event of 2016th year is here: we’ve change the data center. Our old one’s provider informed us about some troubles with uninterruptible power system. The data center is located in home zone which was built with tower blocks within last five years. The electricity limit is almost over so we decide not to wait for an end of this story.

So our hardware is located in AKADO Telecom data center Tier III certificated now. It’s enough and to spare for IT Center Cloud services.

IT REPARO anounce

We are only too glad to announce our new web project: IT REPARO!


Since January 2016 every user of Russian Filing System of Alcohol Legal Transaction can send his document using the UTM EGAIS transport module.

It's just a possibility and using the UTM EGAIS serves as guidelines. We guess that it's for a little while.

price list

The new price list is here!
Also you can download the PDF file with it.

Please remember price list is just a reference not a fact. Every custom is unique. Every custom IT infrastructure is unique too. That's why it's impossible to capture costs over a distance.

But it's possible during a call or a visit. Feel free to contact us: +7 (495) 120-0-129.

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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 64 bit upgrade is finished in August 2016.

At the same time Microsoft Office is upgrade to version 2016 and SQL servers are upgrade to version 2014.


Specially for our foreign customers. Since this time IT Center web-site speaks English.

Write us, call us, you are welcome!

Для удобства наших Клиентов сайт компании IT Центр теперь умеет разговаривать не только на русском, но и на английском языке. Полноценная англоязычная версия полностью дублирует все материалы на русском языке. Помимо этого мы ведем переписку и принимаем телефонные звонки на обоих языках.


Here is our experience in web design and web developing.

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Attention please! Our new phone number is:

+7 495 120-0-129

Feel free to call us.

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There are several endless topics in the work and corporate site redesign is one of it. We meet this spring with some new www features and hope that it let you to interact with IT Center web resource with pleasure.

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it-cntr happy new year

We wish you a happy new year!

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font-family: 'Open Sans Condensed';

It is third or fourth version of IT Center site web design within six years. Large pictures and unseat sections are design signatures.

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A defective server hard disk was replaced yesterday in the disk array. Hewlett Packard server systems...


Since this time IT Center engineers begin to use the new security gateway Trend Micro Interscan Web Security Appliance 6.5. This software...


On-the-spot report is almost here. Stay tunes!

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New year calendar became a tradition a few years ago. It's platitude, isn't it? Don't jump to conclusions!

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Symantec Backup Exec Exec 2014 was install today. The new interface is simple and usability. After that...

Just from the printing office! It's november now but we are preparing for the New Year celebration.

Traditional every year calendar with unique contens from IT Center employees. Last year...

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Free software by WireShark, thank you.

Please fix the speed of internet connection asked IT Center support team one of our customer. What did to do?


У одного из наших клиентов была проблема с подключением к сети Интернет. Арендатор навязывал провайдера с высокими ценами. Очень выручило беспроводное оборудование Ubiquiti NanoStation M5.

Как же?

And more TByte for the data storage from today.


Server disk space was enlarge yesterday. Cache memory was enlarge too.


He is CEO on weakdays. He is marathon runner on weekend.

Our congratulation!
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Some days ago the customer call me to resolve the 1C loading problem.

It was not a critical error but it was necessary to fix the challenge.

What's to do?

Hewlett Packard Integrated Lights-Out (iLO 4 Advanced) of ProLiant DL360p server test is over.

What's the results

Encryption SSL protocol vulnerability of Apache Web Server and Microsoft Internet Information Server is detected. Associated with it  our engineers made the internal audit.

What's the result?

The new certificate for IT Center.


Meanwhile today's our 5th anniversary!

Сlap hands everybody who knows what does it mean CSS, VPN, C#, SMTP and who don't confuse SSL with SSH! Yea, team!

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This chocolate is for our customers. It's really delicious!

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