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IT Center Cloud Connection Steps

IT Center Cloud connection is a large but clear process. Here it is.

Data audit

This is the audit of client's IT infrastructure round. During it we accumulate the information about client's softwares which will invovle into IT Center Cloud. We specify the service list and user list too.

Server Cloud Settings

Hardware settings, access policies and users account reation. Here we discuss the service settings too such as backup timetable or antivirus security level.

client Software Installation

This stage is clientr's software. Citrix Client installation, Java Client installation, etc. if it's necessary.

Test data migration to IT Center Cloud

Copying user's data such as 1C documents, Word files, Excel files from local sourses to IT Center Cloud.

Delicate Cloud Adjustment

Access level settings for the users, bookmark settings and so on.

Testing and consulting

This round is very important for client. Our engineers explain how to connect to IT Center Cloud and answer the user's questions. We hang upon words every feedback. We insist every user to test his functions within IT Center Cloud.

Effective data migration

After the testing period we start to copy the current data from local to  IT Center Cloud. After that local sources access is lock.

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