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What is IT Center Cloud?

IT Center Cloud is a virtual space, array of IT-sources such as servers, software, network hardware and communication links.

What's the advantages of IT clouds?

Clouds help to save time and money. When you deputate your IT problems you release time for your main projects. When you use cloud technology you minimize your hardware and license charges.

Who is typical client of IT cloud solution?

Small and medium business companies which are necessary to use IT.

It consists of several steps: IT infrastructure audit, making cloud settings and testing, data migration.

That's all.

How long does it take you to connect to IT Center Cloud?

From several hours to a week. You will get more precise forecast after the IT Center engineer advice. It's free.

Why do you use such serious equipment if you can install a Wi‑Fi access point?

IT Center provides its clients with only the highest quality services. In many respects this is possible due to the use of professional equipment and serious software. A Wi‑Fi router rarely meets these requirements.

How can I use my data after the migration into IT Center Cloud?

You will use it as always.

What's about confidentiality?

Your data is always your data. We will never export your documents and databases data for outside. It's very important for us to have friendly attitude towards our clients and to have a good reputation.

I decided to leave IT Center Cloud. What's about my data?

Great question!
There are no problems: your data is always your data. We will export your data and will advice the best migration way.

What's your helpdesk working hours?

24х7. Our helpdesk is available by phone, email or through IT REPARO! helpdesk system.

Do you use IT Center Cloud by yourself?

Сertainly! And we are fully satisfied by IT Center Cloud's capabilities.

I'd like to rent a real server. Is it possible?

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