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IT Center Cloud Features

Reliable Hardware

In comparison with usual standalone computer systems IT Center Cloud uses more troubleproof hardware for the data storage and user applications. It helps us to solve the client's requests in new orbit.

Our cloud hardware is located in the modern Tier III data center. It minimizes the risks to the fire, to the power failure and provide with uninterrupted operation for our clients.

Cost Minimization

Contractors and Freelancer

Cloud applications improve collaboration by allowing dispersed groups of people to meet virtually and easily share information in real time and via shared storage. This capability can reduce time-to-market and improve product development and clients service.

Equipment Investments

Using the IT Center Cloud solution our clients minimizes the hardware investment. Because our clients don’t have to purchase equipment and build out and operate a data center, they don’t have to spend significant money on hardware, facilities, utilities and other aspects of operations. With traditional computing, a company can spend millions before it gets any value from its investment in the data center.

IT Center Cloud optimizes the space cost.

During times of recession or business cut-backs (like the energy industry is currently experiencing), cloud computing offers a flexible cost structure, thereby limiting exposure.

Remote access stations and free software

Remote access stations can used without Windows-family systems. It closes the license issue without opening. Usual computers can use free software (Linux) without any licenses.

Helpdesk simplification

Simplification of the managing prompts a decreasing reaction time. Our helpdeck embployees can help out Costomers in remote control mode and can execute almost any user's requets.

Data Security

IT security is very important subject for our Company. IT Center Cloud devides this question in  three sections.

Data loss risk

Hardware and software solutions in our cloud get full control on client's data. Our supervisors can use flexible access policies, manage the client's software and block the external electronic data managers (HDD, USB, etc.) by client's own request.

Data backup

Data backup is the second section in IT security topic of  IT Center. We concert with our clients the backup shedulers and any other important backup properties.

Internet security

Internet security is third section in the IT security subject of IT Center Cloud. All over the world access any devices access is realized by secure link. It minimizes the data loss risk. Using the high level security policies in IT Center Cloud is supplied this topic.

Office Mobility

Data and applications are available to clients's employees no matter where they are in the world. Workers can take their work anywhere via smart phones and tablets — roaming through a retail store to check clients out, visiting clients in their homes or offices, working in the field or at a plant, etc.

Optimal Internet Connection

IT Center Cloud doesn't need wide bandwidth in client's office. Just about 12 kbit/s per one user is enough. GPRS connection is possible too.

Hardware Independence

Our clients can use any devices — as a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. — with different OS working in IT Center Cloud. These devices don't need personal settings at all.

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