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Backup Solution

Backup is an external disk replication of the client information by the specified timetable and the law. Possible сhoices:

  • the replication of the data which were updated during the day. This service runs every day and this replication copy is stored in the space of two weeks. We are ready to restore this copy by the client request.

  • Every saturday we run full back-up of the whole client data. This type of replication can be restored during four weeks.

  • Full back-up run every first Saturday of a month too. This copy will be accessible during three years.

For example what kind of copies are accessible for the client at the moment (blue lines on the following diagram).

diagram of the back-ip possibility

As you can see there are a lot of predefined back-up possibilities. But at the wish of client the back-up table and its properties could be changed.

All of backup copies are encoded.

The restoring time for 1 GB copy is about 1.5 minute. Recovering 3 TB of data takes 10.5 hours.

Symantec Backup Exec for Windows Servers is the gold standard in Windows data protection for physical and virtual systems, providing comprehensive disk and tape backup and recovery support for Windows-based environments.

Continuous data protection reduces the backup window for file servers, workstations, ensuring companies can meet strict recovery point objectives.

With Backup Exec, businesses can efficiently meet strict recovery time objectives for physical and virtual servers while reducing storage costs and management resources.

Backup Exec 12.5 provides granular data recovery for critical Windows applications in seconds. Individual emails, documents and Active Directory user profiles are easily restored from a single backup with patent-pending Granular Recovery Technology. VMware and Microsoft virtual files and server images are also easily restored from a single backup, delivering comprehensive physical and virtual server data protection through one console.

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