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Accounting for alcohol at a winery


From the first of July by order of Rosalkogolregulirovaniya (RAR) in Russia, a pomaric record of alcoholic beverages was introduced.

In practice, this means that from now on all the information on each bottle, where the drink is made, when and by whom it is packed, where it is sold, will flow into the EGAIS system from the moment of production and until the moment of sale. You will buy another bottle of wine in the supermarket — you will be able to say thank you to the concrete person who packed the bottle for you in a box.

We helped our client, JSC "Golden Field", equip the bottling lines with an automatic metering system in accordance with the new requirements of Rosalkogolregulirovaniye.

Now the work of the winery "Golden Field" is organized as follows.

The storekeeper, putting the bottle in a box, carries it through a special scanner. The accounting software automatically counts the number of bottles and, when the box is full, prints out a unique label with a barcode. The label is pasted onto the box, after which the box is placed on the pallet.

Then the story repeats itself. The storekeeper, composing a pallet for the customer, scans the labels on the boxes with the products. After filling the pallet, a separate barcode is printed for it, which is also taken into account in the system. Subsequently, by the barcode of the pallets or the box, it will be possible to recover the exact information for each bottle.

In addition, we developed the integration module 1C and the software of the label scanner. With the help of this module, managers and accountants can promptly send a report on the import of products to the EGAIS system, draw up and record the necessary documents.

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