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Updated Price List


IT Center has combined its IT outsourcing services into three tariff plans. Each tariff consists of the same set of services. The differences are in the list of 1C‑licenses and in numbers: 1 GB or 3 GB, 15 or 50 workplaces.

The names of the tariff plans caused a serious discussion about the coffee maker.

The triad of the economy‑business‑premium was habitually rejected at once and forever. A‑B‑C, kappa‑lambda‑mu and analogues seemed to participants in the brainstorming not bright enough. Astypalea, Folegandros and Paximadia top managers of the IT Center flatly refused to reprimand, besides it turned out that Paximadia was uninhabited.

Someone from the meeting participants closed the IT REPARO ticket at the time and the decision came with allusion: let there be a quaffle, a bludger and a snitch. Managers agreed, although the prospect of learning how many gigabytes in Snitch was frightening of the unexpected interpretation of the properties of the winged ball. However, all responsible have already coped with emotions and are ready for dialogue with clients.

As before, IT Center calls to treat tariff plans as a designer, which can easily be customized for the tasks of its own business.

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