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Trend Micro Interscan Web Security Appliance 6.5


Since this time IT Center engineers begin to use the new security gateway Trend Micro Interscan Web Security Appliance 6.5.

This software is simple to deploy and admin, its core is based on Linux OS.

There are a lot of traffic analyse modules inside. Amonth them are:

  • Application control. Let control the most applications.
  • Data Loss Prevention. Detect the information disclosure (account numbers, key words, etc.) and let lock these processes.
  • HTTP Inspection. This is a traffic filter (URL, HTTP header and methods).
  • Data Identifier Types. It can lock the traffic because of data structure.
  • Advanced Thread Protection. This Trend Micro Interscan Web Security Appliance item analyse the traffic and lock unexpected activities from viruses or violators.
  • HTTPS Decryption. This module is not tested yet but we guess it has high potential.
  • Web Reputation. This module is very necessary for our customers. It helps IT Center engineers to lock the whole types of traffic by the customer request. (FaceBook for example :-)).
  • FTP Scanning. This item controls download files.

Trend Micro Interscan Web Security Appliance has a lot of tools for the reports and administration signals in real time.

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