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Client's Story: Wesendorf

  • persistent Internet connection;
  • back up channel;
  • Internet connection cost saving.
  • Let's meet IT Center's customer hotel and office complex «Wesendorf». «Wesendorf» sets us some IT tasks and the most crucial issue is «we need a efficient and effective Internet connection».

    Customer communications demonstrate the problem heart: link goes wrong time to time but to diagnose issues by customer's devices is impossible. The task is almost chronic because IT Center is not the first who try to resolve it.

    Interference-free link

    Wesendorf's hardware audit by IT Center finds out the miscellaneous pool of unmanaged network devices, troubles with users access level separating and admin's guide absence.

    After the study of the matter IT Center elaborates a decision. We allocate the only network control block and firewall by Check Point.

    Now the whole network users are separated by network segments such asthe intranet tenants, hotel area and guest WiFi. This approach makes the users free of data-processing operations which are not intended to them. The separate segment is devided for the equipment control.

    As a tenant request IT Center engineers set up static IP address for tentant's hardware. Additionally IT Center's experts set up the protecting against DoS attacks and set up the priority traffic block.

    Cost saving

    Another hotel and office complex «Wesendorf»'s task is cost Internet connetcion saving without loss of quality. After the rate research and the substantiated evidence in discussion with Internet service provider we have brought tariffs by an average of 30 per cent. What about the connect quality? Three months monitoring says that everything's ok.

    Backup communication channel

    So released finance lets us to set the backup communication channel. Now Wesendorf has two independent optical entries for Internet connection. IT Center hardware manages the load balancing of both entries and in the case of any problem change the active channel for every user.

    All critical parts of Wesendorf IT infrastructor are already registered in IT Center Monitoring.

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