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We've begun to use TeamViewer 12.0

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Mr. Paul Johnson the most celebrated and best-loved British historian in America met Winston Churchill himself in October 1946 when he was a boy about to go up to Oxford.

”He gave me one of his giant matches he used for lighting cigars. I was emboldened by that into saying, ’Mr. Winston Churchill, sir, to what do you attribute your success in life?’ and he said without hesitating: ’Economy of effort. Never stand up when you can sit down, and never sit down when you can lie down.’ And he then got into his limo.”

IT Center totally shares the views of the Prime Minister and Nobel laureate, preferring in its work to moving around the city and business trips active use of IT REPARO! and remote interaction applications with the Customer.

IT Center support line configures the user software, assists in non-standard situations, and if necessary, conducts training for the Customer's employees without getting up from their favorite yellow armchairs. At the same time, the user can be anywhere: on vacation in Bali, on a Czech business trip (Alex, dear, how are you today?), at home in Helsinki or at a Moscow office in Pokrovka.

This week we expanded the capabilities of our technical support line by switching to the latest version of the application for remote technical assistance TeamViewer 12.0. Among the goodies of this solution are the ability to run several remote sessions on macOS, sticker notes addressed to technical support, the long-awaited simplification of the user interface.

And the API development tools, but it is more likely to interest the developers of the IT Center (true, Sveta?).

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