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How Much Is This Site?

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Let's talk. What does the web site's cost consist of? — this blunt definition is currently enough. But first of all a little theory and square pitch.

A site is a few files. These files contains the whole site data: articles, pictures, dialogs, pollings. Click at the right mouse button and choose 'View Code' in menu. That file is here.

All these files must be opened correctly when you load your browser and type the site's name. That's why all these files must be saves in the special hardware.

Do you understand the site cost structure? Let's specificate it.

Site developing

The site files must be special so the web developiong specialist's job is to create the specials files. Also web developing specialist creates the site structure, creates a lot of script.

Developer benefit is a onetime payment and its amount is defined by site's complication, developer's appetite and the charm of the conferees.


It's about creating articles for your site. It's a service too and it can be buy by article. The site's owners create these items by themselves very often and they are true because they know everything about hardanger embroidery and water-conditioning plant.

Do you worry about text flow? Instead it will be natural.

Additional Work

As time passes site's owner begin to think about upgrading. New site structure, new interface are onetime actions and have the onetime payment.

Sometimes the developers offer the subscribers agreement. Think about it: do you need this agreement for onetime action? Some our customers have site upgrading service by IT Center in time by time mode and they are sure in the reasonable balance.

Domain name

Domain name is the alphabetic characters and dots pattern. You type it into the browser's address line and browser loads the site's pages. For example

What pay for? Inforamtion about your site's files according to your domain name is saved in the special network servers. If you are interesting in it you are welcome to Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu and their DNS AND Bind book. The others uderstand that the maintenance needs the resource.

Domain name registration is a legal process during which domain name's owner is unique defined. It could be legal body or a private person. Who's the owner of your domain name? Сheck it: Europe Registry.

As a rule it is onetime payment. Its amount depends on web zone (letters after the last dot in domain name) and registration policy. The current domain name cost in .ru zone is about €8,5 per year. Anchor this data it will be appear later.


This is a storage for your web site files. Look,
  • your site holds the hardware space;
  • your site uses the hardware processor resource;
  • IT experts provide hardware services and they want to eat and to visit the bowling alley.

So I regret to say that hosting is a paid service too.

Hosting companies are ready to accept the payment as you would like to: per month, per year, with test period, without test period, etc. Nowdays annual site hosting with good quality hosting service is about euro 22 per year.

For the gentlemen of fortune the cost could be less.

SSL certificates

Let's pass this chapter? It is not necessary for everybody and always in addition to speaking about simple sites.

Social Media Marketing

This item is huge and rather difficult for estimating. Its cost is whatsoever.

Summarize. If you have a simple site your annual payment consists of:

site's cost = hosting + domain name

It's about €30 per year. That's all.

Our newest customer had the huge payment in €58 per month within some years: its site's developer happened to be a dirty hoster with bad reputation. This shocking history (and hoster's clownery during the site migration, but this is another story) impels me to write this article.

Appreciate your work and save your money.

Yours truly,
Svetlana Larina,
leader of IT Center web projects team,
probably, most ethic and responsive team of IT experts

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