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peaple are discussing the backup solution

In the previous publication devoted to backup issues we discussed the backup task on the example of rule 3-2-1 closing the main question "where do I start?". Let us turn to practice.

If you at least once archived the data (for example a family photo archive) you know: a full copy of the archive takes a long time and the archive itself a lot of space. Backup on a company scale exacerbates the problem because it is  necessary to operate with large volumes of information. Three approaches to creating backups, which will be discussed below, and appeared as an attempt to optimize the backup process.

teamviewer screenshot

Mr. Paul Johnson the most celebrated and best-loved British historian in America met Winston Churchill himself in October 1946 when he was a boy about to go up to Oxford.

”He gave me one of his giant matches he used for lighting cigars. I was emboldened by that into saying, ’Mr. Winston Churchill, sir, to what do you attribute your success in life?’ and he said without hesitating: ’Economy of effort. Never stand up when you can sit down, and never sit down when you can lie down.’ And he then got into his limo.”

IT Center totally shares the views of the Prime Minister and Nobel laureate, preferring in its work to moving around the city and business trips active use of IT REPARO! and remote interaction applications with the Customer.


IT Center experts to solve a wide variety of customer's requests some of which are on the verge of curiosity. Recently we got an IT REPARO ticket with the following: the Customer asked us to make the scanned warehouse documents print 100% of the size of the original. So the document is scanned, the resulting image is printed, and the printout has the size of the original.

hand and binary key

One of IT Center's customer has a huge warehouse with working the clock round employees.

The headers disclose the reclassification problems and a lot of mistakes in goods dispatches. Situation analysis defines that part of loader leaves the warehouse by persons being on duty. Natural they couldn't cope with a situation. There is the warehouse inside The Moscow Beltway so almost every dispatch takes place in the evening.

IT Center was requested by Customer's leader for implementation the troubleproof and unexpensive recording of working time software.

So what did we do?

Our help desk IT REPARO software is in rapid evolution so it's very difficult to fix a change in IT REPARO User's Guide. Christmas holiday is a good time to publish the new version of it without worries about its applicability.

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