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How IT Center Spent This Summer: New Customers, New Projects, a Complex of Works at the Water Intake Junction Belaya Dacha

water intake

The summer of 2017 was hot, dynamic and fruitful for IT Center, despite the endless +18 °C and rain.

Judge for yourself: we successfully closed two “cloud” and three web projects, a new client appeared in the IT Center cloud and we will write about it, the engineers of the company seriously modernized the IT Center Cloud infrastructure at the logical and hardware level, having purchased and having integrated the corresponding equipment, and the management held a record for themselves and others the number of negotiations: the assistants had difficulty in forming commercial offers for each separate meeting.

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The Project and Implementation of IT Infrastructure at Belaya Dacha Water Intake

The project, which will be discussed today, refers to the “cloud” and is implemented in conjunction with the group of “7 Technologies”, a company engaged in the development of equipment for water treatment plants. “7 Technologies” carried out a complex of profile works at the water intake node Belaya Dacha in Moscow, and IT Center took over the IT component of this story.

ultrafiltering water

Our engineers had to work hard. Their handiwork are:

  • switching industrial controllers Unitronics,
  • installation and configuration of active network equipment, switches and firewalls,
  • connection to Internet,
  • setting up different segments for different equipment.

This made it possible, in particular, to block unauthorized access from outside and from within to the water intake system systems. All IT Center equipment, according to the internal protocol IT Center Cloud, is connected to the remote monitoring system IT Center Monitor.

The client monitoring system also got. IT Center has configured remote access for engineers and dispatching service to controllers from the IT Center Cloud and to the server for configuring industrial controllers on the site of the water intake. Information about all problems with equipment and communication channels of engineers and dispatchers is informed by an automatic warning system. The chances of leaving the city without water are minimized.

In addition, IT Center's engineers installed a video surveillance system, deploying a separate video server with a video archive and the possibility of remote viewing through web. We had to tinker with cameras that did not want to focus on small sensors of the Water Intake Sensor, then correctly transmit digital information to the dispatcher's desktop, but we did it.

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