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Workday in Data Center


Approximately once a month, IT Center's engineers change their cozy office in the north‑eastern part of Moscow for a few hours to a very noisy and cold data center in which IT Center Cloud equipment is placed. Administrators in advance prepare a step-by-step plan of their workday to be done in order to pack their visit in a few hours and make it as productive as possible.

The visit, which is discussed in the video, absorbed the usual set of tasks. At the 16th second the video guys retrieve the completed cassette media with monthly backups and change them to blank, and on the 22nd — they change the faulty hard disk.

Starting at 1:04, you will see a history of replacing a failed cache controller battery. Old batteries swell and do not work, because of what the controller disables the use of the cache and the speed drops by an order of magnitude. “Really every 10!” the company's practitioners explained to the press service of IT Center.

Anticipating the questions: yes, all the manipulations with the equipment we produce in gloves, antistatic. This is how you need to work with electronic components of precision equipment to protect it from static electricity and pollution.

Due to the abundance of equipment that needs to be cooled, the data center is really a very noisy and non‑ecological place. At the very end of the video, you'll see this.

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